Monday, February 10, 2014

Pre-Camp David Sentiment

(This poem was written on December 4, 2011)

As a youngster in the 1970s I wanted to know
So I listened to the news at every avenue
Sat and engrossed myself about our foe
No end was the limit of my mind’s view

I read articles about Palestine
In magazines, newspapers and books
Listened as elders would discuss after we did dine
A discussion on Palestine was bait on hooks

Elders cheered as hijackings took place
But I knew that it was wrong
Frustration was painted on their face
As their chins dropped making it long

As I reflect about my father and his generation
They lost Palestine, not one fought in the 1948 war
Not one of them reminisced about an inspiration
Not one story about a military story or something more

Recently I learned of an Iraqi Colonel’s 1948 story
His command was attacking and gaining strength
Without cause his orders came from a phony
A King ordered him to cut the rope’s length

Black gold was pouring out of the Gulf’s well
Using it to our advantage should have been a plan
The Arab Oil Embargo of 1974 they tried to sell
Long gas lines exasperated the American

During the Yon kipper War, OPEC wanted to drive a wedge
Between America and Israel
But it really did strengthen Israel’s edge
Their powerful lobby was and still is for real

So in 1978 this was the scene before Camp David
As Sadat, Carter and Begin met
Tensions were very vivid
And my hopes were set

Fadi Zanayed
December 4, 2011

5:19 am

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