Friday, July 25, 2014

I Threw My Stone

By: Fadi Zanayed (written during the first Intifadah)

I dreamt I was throwing a stone
I heard it whiz through the air
I saw it striking the helicopter
I ran toward it
I wedged a pipe in its tail
I saw the Israeli soldiers shooting
I watched the bullet hit the child
I carried the child to a place of worship
I heard the soldiers coming
I entered one door than another
I came upon a meeting room
I saw the Star of David
I boldly asked for help
I was shunned away
I became more determined
I felt my adrenaline kick in
I ran out to an exit and the sun
I clutched the boy tighter
I saw familiar faces
 I looked around
I saw their happiness
I shouted " This boy needs help!!
I saw no reaction
I observed the abundance
I destroyed the picnic table
I arose from my sleep
I wrote down this poem
I threw my stone

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