Sunday, December 23, 2012


My fingers are positioned to write down my thoughts
But my thoughts ache to send them to my fingers   
Illusionary words spring forth to appease
A concept not unlike a perceived perception
For I can paint a picture of deception  
Make a rainy day look sunny
Make it seem that black is white
Mass produce a sham
To make you believe
But my heart jumps in
To present the reality
To state my case in open transparency
Truth cannot be hidden
To those willing to seek the truth
So I write about a child
Who the occupying soldiers say pointed a toy gun
Truth be told
No toy was ever exposed
A video has been produced
Not within hours but after a manipulative week
On his seventeenth birthday
He was used to intimidate
To strike fear into Palestinian hearts
A soldier will go unpunished
If I shout out terrorist soldier
My heart does not object
For the picture I painted is of the truth
No manipulation need be perceived
No illusion need be seen
The truth is the truth
Israeli soldiers are terrorists

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