Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Apartheid Israeli Wall

Imagine if you will this day
A wall surrounding Any Town, USA
Let’s say it is Peoria in the heartland
Occupied and surrounded by an apartheid band
Only one gate allows passage outside
To which the residents must abide
The gate is open only in three intervals
A total of 50 minutes--at this one marvels

But wait and listen to me
For there is more to hear and see
Children rush the gate in the morning
To cross to their school through the opening
If in the afternoon the Apartheid soldier forgets to open the gate
The school children for dinner they will be late
Waiting outside until the night opening
Waiting alone along the crossing

But wait and listen to me
Should you happen to be
Happen to be pregnant and in need
In need of a hospital to deliver your seed
No cars may leave through the gate
This is how they subjugate
As this is a way to enslave
The residents inside the enclave

But wait and listen to me
For there is much more I can tell thee
The agriculture of the town is outside the wall
The intention of the apartheid is to haul
Rather to confiscate the land around
Preventing the owners from tilling the ground
As only the very young and very old can pass through
Can pass through the gate leaving workers with nothing to do

But wait and listen to me
Listen to this I beg and plea
Water wells are confiscated
For residents to be motivated
Motivated to leave in time
Leave the place called the bread basket of Palestine
This is a well laid plan
A well laid plan the Apartheid State of Israel did design

But wait and listen to me
If you have a brother you want to see
The wall sometimes cuts through the middle
Middle of the town and does fiddle
Fiddle with relationships and relatives
As on either side each one lives
The Apartheid occupiers do not care
As they divide, split and flare
Flare the emotions and leave them in despair
A policy to uproot the residence is in the air

But wait and listen to me
This is not Peoria you see
This is Qalqilya in Palestine
The conditions are not fine
The town’s people are in a prison
For that Apartheid Israel is the reason
Building a wall that does divide
Dividing people on either side

(  © Copyright, Fadi Zanayed.  Publication or distribution of this material is allowed provided its content is not altered and the source and its author are cited.)

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