Friday, December 9, 2011

My Pen and I

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere
I ponder my thoughts and stare
At the ocean and the dove in despair

My pen is in my hand
As I lay across the sand
Wondering about the plight of my land

The waves rush to meet the shore
As my pen hurries to complete its chore
Engaged in another battle ever more

My thoughts are occupied with the occupation
As my pen shoots rounds of ammunition
Paralleling the strength of a military tank division

With one word, my pen can expose the enemy
With one verse, my pen can build on the memory
With one poem, my pen can maintain our identity

Now the waves have come to challenge me and my pen
Will we continue to write for the sake of our children?
Or will we run like many a chicken?

Undaunted we continue to write
For what is proper and what is right
We shall never stop until we win the fight

We will yield only to the dove
It is a symbol of our love
For peace and the Mighty One above

(  © Copyright, Fadi Zanayed.  Publication or distribution of this material is allowed provided its content is not altered and the source and its author are cited.)

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