Friday, December 9, 2011

Web Of Money, Time and Thoughts

What a web we are in                
                Go here go there
Wedding, graduation, birthday parties
                                                Are we in our own refugee camp
Not concerned about our brother

Where is our money going
                                Pay this pay that
Taxes, insurance, mortgage
                                                                Are we better off sending our money home
So our brother can eat

Where is our free time
                                Run here run there
Working, shopping, meeting
Are we losing ourselves in our own hourglass
Leaving our brother to fend for himself

Where are our thoughts
                                                                                Do this do that
Rushing, faxing, hurrying
                                                Are we lost within our own mind
Not daring to express our brother’s concerns

Where are we going
                This way that way
Critiquing, objecting, fighting
                                Are we caught within ourselves
Abandoning our brother’s struggle in our disunity

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