Friday, December 9, 2011

Fly Bird Fly

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Whistle in the night
Somber moment without light
I welcome the song of the bird
For days the only sound I’ve heard
The song of freedom chirping in the air
Ironically I am a prisoner of despair
Fly bird fly in support of those who care for you
Go and fight for what we are due
Prosper mentally in our cause
Become a leader who knows when to pause
Build conviction, honor and determination
Build democracy into a nation
Fly bird fly letting your wings stretch across the sky
Encompass within your wings all within our pie
The whole without all its sum is but a part
Be a leader who is brave and smart
Build a consensus while respecting the call
The call to honor and respect for us all
My captors have brought supper for me to eat
Stay and feast before the duty you have to meet
Whistle in the night
Then I’ll know your path is right
Remember me as I linger in jail
Rescue me before I grow old and frail
I will be with you night and day
I am your conscience in the words you say
Bless the children who throw the stone
It is in their eyes that we see what we own
Condemn the hypocrisy of those who occupy
They see not the history of why they cry
Be good, self-righteous and fair
People will listen over the air
Neither harm nor be harmed in the course you take
Rather set your mark and plant your stake
For here is the line you must draw
While respecting international law
The world will then see us within our right
Using civil disobedience not our might
Fly bird fly letting your energy soar
Free me to Palestine once more

           Fadi Zanayed

(  © Copyright, Fadi Zanayed.  Publication or distribution of this material is allowed provided its content is not altered and the source and its author are cited.)


  1. it is a lovely poem thank you for sharing these touching words, and we pray for the freedom of many innocent people in the Great Land called Palestine.

  2. Thank you Kazmir, I am glad this poem touched your heart.