Friday, December 9, 2011

Lina -- Sorrowfully Leaving Beirut Behind

The bombs were landing
Children were then scattering
A little girl named Lina was in Lebanon
Israel was piling on
Piling on bombs upon the city
Beirut was being destroyed instantly
Frightened and screaming as Lina walked
As the noise of airplanes that never baulked
Hurled destruction upon a city that glowed
Glowed as its beauty flowed
Flowed as its buildings were marred
Marred by a brutal regime that snarled
Snarled the life of a city known as the Paris
The Paris of the Middle East oasis
Lina left Beirut at the age of fourteen
Her heart was not too keen
At leaving her beloved homeland
With all its beauty and the richness of its land
She cried many a night
Wanting to see the beauty of Beirut in light
Her Dad did go back to prepare the way
But the Druze’s action did sway
Sway them from returning home
And Lina had a feeling of being alone

(  © Copyright, Fadi Zanayed.  Publication or distribution of this material is allowed provided its content is not altered and the source and its author are cited.)

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