Friday, December 9, 2011

Dilemma of Direction

Shall I follow the clouds
Or shall I follow the sun

                Which will lead me to
                The mountain tops of Palestine

                Within my dilemma I see visions of clouds
                Endlessly hovering over my ancestor’s olive trees

I see my people living in gloom day by day
In an endless hopeless state under the iron fists of the Zionists

                I hear rumors of peace
                A homeland for my people and security for all

                My senses tell me to follow the clouds
                For surely they will lead me to Palestine

My dilemma is compounded
For should I return behind the clouds

                The answer must surely be NO!
                For the clouds will still be forever over Palestine

                But if I should not follow the clouds
                Then how can I follow the sun

What then shall I do
My dilemma grows deeper and deeper

                                Wait! I have it!
I shall lead the sun to Palestine

(  © Copyright, Fadi Zanayed.  Publication or distribution of this material is allowed provided its content is not altered and the source and its author are cited.)

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