Friday, December 9, 2011

Do you Care?

The reader may not want to read this poem
For the descriptions herein may make you cry
It may even move you away from your apathy
So if you are prepared to activate your soul continue to read
But if you are going to read this poem and walk away
Walk away without any feeling then stop, stop right here

Last night I received an email
Horrific pictures of an atrocity
Inflicted by a people, mighty as can be
Against a defenseless people, weak as can be seen

There is this one picture out of many that horrifies me
It is of a dismembered body part that is unrecognizable
Is it a leg or an arm?
Is it a part of a stomach, buttock and leg?
Is it parts of the legs and half a buttock?
You cannot really tell

The middle part of this body part is missing the skin
Internal organs or intestines or bones or all three are exposed
The color red is significantly present
The curvy maligned internal parts render the severity of the atrocity

What barrage of shells exploded upon this body?
Was it a guided missile?
Why would a missile hit this person?
What did he or she do to deserve this dismemberment?

Is it a part of a child?
A mother
A grandmother
A sister
On the other hand, is she a mother, grandmother, sister all in one?

Is it your brother?
A father
A grandfather
On the other hand, is he a father, grandfather, brother all in one?

Do you care? 

(  © Copyright, Fadi Zanayed.  Publication or distribution of this material is allowed provided its content is not altered and the source and its author are cited.)

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